Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sir Becta and Mr. Cipa - Comrades-in-Arms

The quote is attributed to George Bernard Shaw: “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.” (1)

Who knows? Perhaps it’s true. Nonetheless, there are many things that bind us together, despite Mr. Shaw’s rumination.

Here, for example, are two distinguished purveyors of Network Security, or if you will, Web Security. They are, Sir Becta and Mr. Cipa, similar in outlook, and contemporaneous in age. Both are focused on providing safety for school children and school administrators from the perils present on the Internet. Each is a creature of the legislative system of his respective country. In this case, Sir Becta, is British, borne of the House of Commons in 1998 (though recently destined to be "downsized" by budget cuts), while Mr. Cipa is the offspring of the U.S. Congress, Senate and White House, circa 2000, and still very much his lively self, the law of the land (USA, that is).

Whether you ascribe to Mr. Shaw’s opinion or not about our two countries being separated by the English language, web security on both sides of the pond, especially for minors, is a vital part of society’s response to the threats and dangers lurking on the web. Responsible teachers, schools, administrators, boards of education, and the public (citizens like you and me) all form part of civil society’s efforts to protect children from pornography, pedophiles, cyber-bullying and other threats that can invade and threaten kids via an internet connection, a chat room, email or other means.

This is in essence what one British-born, American-bred company, Smoothwall, does for a living. We are both British and American, like Sir Becta and Mr. Cipa. And, we are committed in both countries and everywhere else we operate to providing our web filtering and network security solutions for the safety of minors, and the safety of everyone else, for that matter. So, rather than seeing the two countries as divided by a common language, Smoothwall sees the world and the Internet protected by a common set of network security solutions. Doesn’t it make sense to minimize our differences, and maximize our commonalities, for the benefit of our kids, and the protection of society?

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