Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother Knows Best- Even with Network Security

You didn’t realize it at the time, but your mother taught you everything you need to know about network security--or at least the important highlights. After all, mom’s goal is the same as ours as network security administrators: to keep us all safe.

Does any of this advice sound familiar?

1. Be suspicious, trust nobody. That goes for users on your network, as well as messages you receive from friends. Make sure users aren't allowed to download anything without permission. Be wary of suspicious links or invitations to join new social networks. These could be phishing attacks in disguise.

2. Lock the door. You wouldn’t let strangers into your house, so why would you let them onto your network?

3. Do your homework. Threats change daily. Keep up on newest threats so you can make sure your network is prepared for them.

4. Keep things clean. What she meant (in addition to clean socks and washing your hands regularly) was to make sure your PC, network protection and malware detection software is always up to date. Updated software and network protection will help keep the bad guys out.

5. Always be aware. Look before you cross the street, even if you don’t hear a car, and don’t assume some websites are safer than others. Sometimes the most “trusted” sites can be more dangerous. Educate other users on your network to inform them of the risks.

So let’s hear it for Mom. The network security savvy we have today originates in her good advice. It’s one more reason to thank her for all that she’s done for us. Oh, by the way, Happy Mothers’ Day!

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