Monday, April 4, 2011

Poor customer service - in this day and age!

In this day and age of bloggs and web-savvy users, especially those buying technical services - who would expect a DNS company to have poor customer service? Customer service is pretty much the most important part of a company - it is so important and influential that it can even make up for or mask a lesser product. By customer service I don't just mean the support department, but also accounts, pre-sales, sales, website - anything which services a customer's needs.

I needed a new DNS provider as my old one no longer replied to support tickets and seemed to be disappearing. I was recommended Namesco by someone; "I use them and they are OK." They did not appear to support IPv6 so I contacted their support and they said that although it's not on the control panel, I can contact them and they will add the glue records for me. So I moved my 24 domains.

But then I found out that they could not support IPv6 DNS glue after making a ticket to ask for it to be added. So I put up with having only IPv4. I've now got to the point I no longer want to run my own DNS servers (SaaS FTW) so I've been looking around and seem to offer a good promise of customer service, full IPv6 support and free DNS serving. They also responded to my first ticket in minutes.

Back to the irritating Namesco control panel and I find that to transfer each domain I have to pay £10+VAT. I've never had to do this before when I transferred the last three times (I've had my own domains for 13 years). But not only do I have to pay £240+VAT, I have to repeat the process and go through a checkout TWENTY FOUR TIMES. Fail!

Don't they know a happy customer tells maybe three people. But an unhappy customer tells ten!

If the customer service staff at Smoothwall acted like this to our customers, I would have words with them, or their manager - and then make sure they got the training needed not to make the mistake again.

Now I am off to repeat an annoying loop 23 more times, get RSI and probably have VISA call me up and say there's suspicious activity on my card...


  1. Agree with all of your points. Let us know how Gandi turns out, they seem to have got their act together and look very sharp from a technical POV.


  2. if they are .uk domains you can bulk move them for a small fee to Nominet and it works well I used that to escape Easyspace :)
    (that Yorkshire customer who will try anything!)