Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 Weeks To Secure Your Networks... Starting...

Well, roughly 2 weeks ago. Apparently, there's a malware storm a-comin' - batten down the hatches, man the barricades, etc.

Yawn. Look, if you're not ready for this influx of malware, you're not ready to plug in your router. Surviving on the Internet during this coming malware bonanza is like surviving in a 'phone booth with 2 angry brown bears. If I said, hey, let's go with one angry brown bear instead, you wouldn't fancy your chances any better.

Ursine analogies aside, if we do get the proposed storm (and here I'm going to suggest that we're looking at a level of likelihood similar to that of weather forecasting), keep doing what you're doing. It's always a good time to start doing what you're doing better, but to make changes for this - fairly generic - incident that you're not willing to keep in place full-time is a second rate scheme.

My advice, pick one thing you've been looking to improve about your IT security for a while, and use the press coverage to justify your budget spend - but don't show the bean counters this article.

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