Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farewell Peter

It is with some sadness that we learn this week of the resignation of Peter Robbins OBE, Chief Executive of the Internet Watch Foundation. On Wednesday Eve Salomon, Chair of the IWF Board, announced that Robbins had tendered his resignation, effective July this year.

Robbins tenure at the IWF began in 2002 and it was with great pleasure that we at Smoothwall worked with he and his colleagues. Having met personally, I can say that he is true gentleman and clearly possesses a great understanding of technical and political nuance of work the IWF are involved in.

Media coverage of Robbin’s resignation reached The Register today and we were pleased to see kind commentary from Jane Fae Ozimek.
An interesting aside is Ozimek’s comment on the quantity of items in the IWF’s URL list. I believe that the supposedly “low” headline figure is a indication of the IWF’s success in their ‘Notice and Takedown’ role of tackling Child Abuse content at source, rather than a suggestion that the IWFs work may soon be complete*. Additionally, it is worth pointing out that unlike most URL lists, IWF’s list has a high degree of entropy, reflecting the rapidly changing hosts of abuse images - further testament of course to the takedown efforts of the IWF and other international Hotlines.

On that note we wish Peter every success in future, as Smoothwall continues to work with the IWF throughout 2011.

* - The IWF’s Annual Report for 2010 is due out later in the year. This yearly publication is an illuminating read and a great reminder of why we continue to support the IWF.

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